Stunning audio, beautiful design

Stunning audio, beautiful design

What makes Tex Tone speakers so good?

The aesthetic design and remarkable sound are the result of years of R&D.


The first thing that strikes you is the unique shape and stacked plywood design. The boxes feature 24 layers of 18 ply Baltic Birch plywood, CNC routed into one-piece shapes. The wood is cut locally and the different layers are then hand assembled by Tex. Inside, the box is damped and braced, while outside the finish is sleek and streamlined. Their shape and smooth finish make them way more tactile than your standard box speaker. People want to touch them. Hug them even.


The 6.5” woofers have a low resonant frequency (Fs) of 29Hz. This, combined with the built-in port tuned to 35Hz, results in an impressive bass response from a relatively small cabinet. With the ring dome tweeters in an offset position, the distance to each cabinet edge differs, reducing baffle diffraction effects. The front edges of the cabinet are rounded, which also provides excellent stereo imaging.


Having no corner joints and being curved makes for a very strong structure with reduced resonance. The curved shape also dissipates sound waves randomly, reducing standing waves and flutter echoes inherent in most parallel wall designs.


The resulting sound is vibrant, immersive and dynamic. People hearing Tex Tones for the first time are always amazed when music they know well is brought to life through an exciting new listening experience.

I’m horribly biased but these speakers SOUND GREAT. These would satisfy me sonically for the rest of my life.

David Kilgour

We love our Tex Tone speakers. They look beautiful in our new home.

Graham Cockroft & Luana D’Appollonio

We wanted something that looked great as well as having amazing sound quality. Tex Tones are things of beauty. And the sound quality is sublime.

Andrea Thompson

Saturday night playing it loud. Bliss! These speakers are the gift that keeps on giving…..

Ian Stewart

Have yet to find something from my music collection that doesn’t sound at least ten times better than my old speakers. They are both sonically and aesthetically beautiful.

Ged Taylor



While Tex Tone speakers sound great on a bookshelf, a purpose-built stand allows them to be positioned perfectly in your listening space.

Tex Tone stands are made of powder coated aluminium and are designed to complement your new speakers.

The stands’ front ‘legs’ can be filled with sand or any other filler material of your choice.

The hollow rear pipe can be used for cable management and each stand has 4 M8 threaded holes for speaker spikes. Using speaker spikes, especially on carpeted floors, greatly increases stability and can result in better imaging and tighter bass. Each set of speaker stands comes with 8 x stainless steel spikes.

The Tex Tones have taken our sound system to a whole new level. We had good speakers before but these have transformed the experience of putting music on. They are just brilliant.

Jenny Keate

I can’t believe how good my Tex Tone speakers sound. Warm and accurate. And they look great!

Malcolm Black – NZ Music Legend (1961 – 2019)

Right from the outset it was obvious these speakers were something special – every track brought surprises. It’s a shock to hear detail that just isn’t present in other systems. Beautifully finished and eye-catching, they definitely have to be heard to be believed.

Matthew Trbuhovic

Tex Tones are amazing, they create incredible separation and depth of sound. One of the first things I heard was some Bowie and it sounded like he was standing in front of me in the room with the band behind him. Stunning. I’ve been rediscovering my whole music collection.

Nick Sampson

On hearing the speakers for the first time, the impact was immediate and astounding. I had never experienced music reproduced with such clarity and definition before.

Nicola McLaren


Sensitivity – 87dB (2.83V/1m)

Impedance – 8 Ohms nominal

Frequency response – 45Hz to 20Khz  +/- 3dB

Recommended power rating – 50 to 150 Watts

Design – 2-way bass reflex, front ported

Crossover point – 1.8 Khz

Crossover topology – Hybrid asymmetrical

Woofer – 6.5” Neo magnet

Tweeter – 1” Ring radiator

Dimensions – 432h x 264w x 320d (mm) 17h x 10.4w x 12.6d (in)

Weight – 9.8kg/21.5lbs